David Plandor Brooks English 115 8/6/2015 Blog It UP The world is full of dangers and beautiful settings with an unpredictable environment that could possibly change your life forever. If you could write every single thought you had in book, to whom and what would be its purpose? I have written in many blogs, journals, diaries, and papers to only influence my readers to do … Continue reading final


For the future students who decide to come around in the class. This is a very assertive and fun class. You need to follow up on all your blogs as well. You need to be on time and possibly arrive early. I enjoyed this class very much, I had almost written all I could possibly write about. A very easy class, be prepared with your … Continue reading advice

blog 11

My goal is took accepted into a university and plan on getting some kind of degree to cover body at night like a blanket. Totally kidding. I want to get into law and some writing aspects. The over all idea of what really is our purpose and tranquility that makes people strive for the future. Most of the intriguing things in are life is a … Continue reading blog 11

blog 10

Since starting this project I have had different view about my project. Many ideas had come to mind in order to persuade how easy it might be to write. Anything governmental would be quite easy since there’s probably a bunch of media and articles on it. Other than that, mostly ideas about cell phones had been my main focus. I constantly wanted to change the … Continue reading blog 10


In the process and writing of my essay. I had a broad idea to into the overall analysis of the characters. The characters are distinct and point out everyday people in which they convey what we go through in a society. The characters are very distinct from each other. One dying, passing through purgatory and the other that is still there in purgatory. The characters … Continue reading Review


From this short story by Stephen King, “Afterlife”, there is a character by the name of Isaac Harris. He is a man of many thoughts and can only be acquainted with the idea of purgatory or limbo. He is the soul that explains to others to make a choice on living their lives the same way to repeat every single action they have done or … Continue reading Afterlife

Blog #2

This song reminds me of my present time because of the many times I had a close relationship with people and it doesn’t work out. No matter what happens you try and express yourself to your fullest potential. You always try to forget the things that once pleasured you still, this comes close to my self because the singer is expressing how much he would want … Continue reading Blog #2

Eng project #1

Plandor, David English 115-02 Reading and Composition: Exposition and Argumentation Brooks Writing Project #1 Though out my life, I have considered music to be a giant factor to our culture and background to the point where I have will divide my life by three parts. These three parts will contain music in which I will create the setting, mood, and rythm to my life. Analyzing … Continue reading Eng project #1